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Colored Cocoa Butter
Using colored cocoa butter is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to your chocolates. You can spray it, paint it, splatter it, mix it... adding brilliant color and shine to any piece. Our ChocoButter comes pre tempered and only requires a small amount of time to become the perfect temperature to create a masterpiece!
Cocoa Butter
Silicone Chablons
Chablon mats are easy to use. Simply lay a chablon on top of a transfer sheet, pour your chocolate, wait a few minutes… and voilà! You have created beautiful, professional looking decorations. Tip: Customize your decorations further by adding your logo to a custom transfer sheet that fits your chablon perfectly!
Monogram Transfer Sheets
Now you can make personalized wedding favors and other chocolates without the cost of setup fees. Each letter is available in a beautiful Gold or White script font and sized to fit a 1-1 ¼" bonbon. And, best of all, these monogram transfer sheets are in stock and ready to ship!
Transfer Sheets
Custom Chocolate Wafers
Personalize your desserts by adding a company logo, monogram or other image directly onto a chocolate decoration. Choose from a wide selection of shapes and sizes in our Custom Chocolate Wafers section. These premade wafers will save you time and money.
Chocolate Wafers
Magnetic Molds
Made for use with transfer sheets, these high quality polycarbonate molds allow you to create uniform chocolates with perfectly placed designs, "in a snap" (no pun intended!) Simply snap the mold together with a transfer sheet in between and use as you would any other mold. Use a stock transfer from our site or design a custom transfer to fit.
Chocolate Molds

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